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elemental family dining

September 09, 2013 2 min read

We are visual in nature and when it comes to design concepts and ideas it's often hard, to near impossible, to express through words. One thing that we have had several requests about at the studio is dining tables and what studio50 can design and make. Intent on creating some pieces that represent our design principles we have added these 2 pieces to our outdoor showroom.

Our design principles are proportion, function, environmentally responsible sourced materials, authenticity and durability. Did I mention proportion...that's is a big one for Steve...the golden mean.

The journey starts with the selection of wood.
For these tables 2 selections of walnut (1.25" thick) were chosen displaying the variations in grain and live edge finish.

This is the point where makers workshops took a vacation and the tables took over the studio space.

To epoxy or not to epoxy?  That is the question.
We finished one of the tables celebrating its natural blemishes and the other had its knots and knurls filled with clear epoxy still allowing the woods' unique charm to be displayed.  Steve and I sit on opposites sides of the table for this one, but it is a feature that can be added to the finishing of a custom table.

4 inch custom milled solid walnut beams.

Custom designed and welded steel legs by studio50.

Ready for dinner guests.
The 2 tables are each approx. 40'' wide x 84" long. 

Wood is treated with one coat of linseed oil and then 3 top coats of Livos Kunos 243 countertop oil.
The steel was treated with melted wax and then buffed.  Wax on, wax off...one must find humour in repetitive work :)

If you're interested in having studio50 design and build a custom table for you, call or email us to set up an appointment.


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