September 12, 2012

What you see here is an approx. 1920's home with 900 square feet,  plaster separating from lathe ceilings, a backyard that consisted of a crumbling concrete patio slab and a fire pit.

We came across this first big project in the fall of 2000...50 Ball street was the start to a journey of designing, building, and shaping something ordinary into something extraordinary with our very own hands, heart and some blood.

The property was attractive because of it's affordability and potential.  Great lot, nice neighbourhood...pretty much ended there. Almost everything in the house has been since updated...some things out of necessity...insulation during Ontario winters is a nice feature, and some out of enjoyment...our backyard.

95 % of the work on the house was done by us...we left the digging and gas lines to the licensed professionals.

How did the studio evolve?

We've been doing our thing and others seem to like it too. I'm the creative visionary, creating the link to the form and function of a piece.  I research and source out materials, co-ordinate the studio's non-profit workshops for artistic expression in local groups and provide one on one consultations for clients.

Steve brings precision, practical function and an ability to visualize and execute concepts to the team.   That is how we approach our designs and create things that we love for our lifestyle.  Together we design and select materials to be used for each piece.  Our different perspectives allow all things to be considered and most often with a unique and outside the box approach. Our style has evolved from experience, interest in architectural design and exposure to the building industry to result in a warm industrial look.

Materials we work most with are wood, concrete, metal and some fibres.

It's a collaboration of function, design and living.

So there you have it, a little glimpse into what has made us tick in the past and what keeps inspiring us.
Future posts highlighting different parts of the house and transformations, including current pieces that we've created and added to our home.

Pieces will be available for purchase in studio50's virtual studio and esty shop (soon to come).

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