the studio stool

May 06, 2013 1 min read

The "studio stool".

Custom crafted here at studio50 to accompany our 4 work benches for the makers attending our workshops. 

The 8 pieces all boast unique wood grain that gives each seat an authentic artist allure. The sides have been left with the live edge and curve of the tree adding to the wood's rich and earthy appeal.

The tops are crafted with 2, 2" thick solid pieces of walnut that were cross cut and then hand planed down to a level and smooth surface.

The look is Nordic industrial, natural and very heavy duty.

The seat was designed for complete ergonomic comfort with the steel frame sloping at a gentle downward angle and the two pieces of wood joining together in the center.  The seat is 13" deep and 18" wide giving a very generous surface to relax and focus on your task to make!

We are working on crafting a few to list at studio50 HAUS. 

We're thrilled to have a new place to both perch in the studio and enjoy a cup of coffee on our break or at the moment, while chiseling the top of that huge maple stump :)