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August 05, 2013 2 min read

Last Saturday held a milestone twice over as the studio was honoured to host it's... First! "makers workshop birthday celebration",  for a very special lady celebrating a very special birthday...we'll call her Ann for anonymity purposes :)

The group of 8 gathered at the studio to make something to monument the occasion while enjoying the company of each other and revere their guest of honour.

You can't  have a proper birthday celebration without a fancy birthday hat!  Don't worry we supply that and it's the prefect accessory for those group pictures.

Here is a good time to point out that if you haven't noticed from our past posts or present one, that the studio does not display pictures of our makers faces.  We like to keep everyone's experience at the studio private and free of cyber worry. So for our documenting purposes the most you'll see of any one maker is their hands, maybe a little arm and a splash of side body.

The group embarked on a new studio project for their celebratory making, "the pallet trough", which is being offered in our September workshop lineup. First however, it was decided that the eating would commence prior to the making.

The tasters menu for the festivities offered a selection for a variety of dietary lifestyles.
There was a spicy lentil chili, vegan cornbread fresh out of the oven, herbed butter, kale and chia chips with a summer guacamole,  market fresh sourdough olive baguettes could be dipped into chili or topped with a selection of summer sausages. For dessert there was barbecued vegan blueberry crisp, topped with homemade coconut ice-cream, lemon and blueberry quick bread, coconut and maple rice pudding and a selection of seasonal fruits picked up at the morning market.

Once everyone's appetite was satiated the partying group forged into the project at hand and wow!!! What a great job they all did with their troughs.

Completing the trough required the makers to cut 2 pallet end boards to fit their custom piece using the band saw. Then they designed the handles if they wanted to add any and took the boards to the drill press for the first stage and then the jig saw if they wanted the open handle design.   Sanding, sanding and more sanding along with pre-drilling holes through the hardwood boards and into the side pallet slats, and then finishing with the screws. Needless to say they were busy busy, but time allowed for birthday cake and of course a group chorus of the classic birthday tune.

To add that very personal touch to their project each maker selected images or quotes to transfer onto their trough before sealing.

Each guest from Ann's makers birthday party left with a uniquely hand made keepsake, along with all the wonderful memories created by a fun, inquisitive and beautiful group of ladies.

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts.
                                                         Henry David Thoreau

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