Introducing...the konkret knife block collection

September 26, 2014

konkret knife block collection Knife storage has been a perpetual source of frustration for us. And after talking to several clients and friends about our ideas, we've realized that it's a problem for a lot of people. Clusters of knives take up valuable drawer space and are a danger to little (and often big) fingers rooting around in the drawers. Traditional knife blocks are a good solution for storage, but they too often come with downfalls. They tip. Their pre-cut slots are too inhibitive for knife variations. Dirt and grime too easily get caught in the slots and cannot be cleaned. The list goes on.

So, we got to work on creating a knife block that would solve all of these problems, while maintaining our signature Studio50 style.  Introducing...the konkret knife block collection.

konkret knife block Crafted with concrete, the konkret knife block will not tip and is sturdy enough to endure usage from home cooks to professional chefs. Each design is filled with thousands of bamboo skewers to firmly hold the knives in place, allowing for wide variation of cutlery and placement.  Cleaning is as easy as removing the bamboo skewers and wiping the concrete surface clean with a soapy cloth.  At 11" high, it is tall enough to store long bread knives, with enough room to house an entire knife collection. A custom metal base (sold separately) allows for the blocks to be tilted at an ergonomic angle and to fit perfectly below upper cabinetry.

The konkret knife collection comes in two colour schemes: black-white and gray-rust.  Black-white is a refined design that gives the look of carrera marble.  Gray-rust is more rugged and industrial, with bugging in the concrete.

block ethereal
konkret knife block | black-white

block gaia
konkret knife block | gray-rust  (*stand sold separately)

konkret knife cube
The konkret knife cube is a mini-version of the konkret knife block and is a perfect storage solution for steak knives and/or smaller kitchen knives and utensils.

cube ethereal
konkret knife cube | black-white

cube gaia
konkret knife cube | gray-rust

We are so excited and proud of this new collection that we love so much!  It has made a wonderful addition to our own home.  It is the perfect functional counter top statement piece for all tastes! For more information about the konkret knife block and cube, please visit the studio50 shop!

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