Good Things Happening in the Community

April 08, 2015


This past winter we posted on our facebook page an invitation to foundations, coordinators, friends and community advocates to tell us about upcoming fundraising events that could use donations to raise funds for a cause. We put packages of our Rock Bottom Vessels and Tasses together and in return were met with so many inspiring individuals who shared with us stories about their amazing programs and witnessed their outreaching of heart through their kindness and support towards community and the people in it.

We want to help spread the word and share all the things we discovered.


Raising funds and awareness for Cancer research. This coming Saturday, April 11th from 7-11pm at the Arlington Hotel, Paris Ontario. Tickets available at Toughs Home Hardware or contact Lynda at mstewa5485@rogers.com, Dan at footnotes@rogers.com or teamroadsharks@gmail.com.

Inspirational Hearts Handbags for Hospice 
Stedman Community Hospice Event on October 8, 2015

Arnold Anderson Sport Fund

Because all children have the right to access sport, Arnold Anderson Sport Fund endeavors to ensure and encourage access of youth to sporting activities in our community.

 Wish Closet

Our doors first opened on September 27th, 2007. Betty Finley created the WISH CLOSET so that families and children could have some of their needs met to alleviate hardship in their lives. To date we have had over 5,000 customers walk through the door looking for their “WISH”. Many of our shoppers assist others with-
out us ever knowing about it. The “Pay it Forward” philosophy is alive and well in the basement of Major Bal-Welcome to the Wish Closet. Here you will find gently used clothing, shoes, housewares, toys, books and many other items families struggle to provide. The Wish Closet is open to all and everything is FREE! Donations Welcomed, Pay it forward :)

Light a Smile Campaign

Through the initiative, 304 students will receive a gift bag full of essential items.  There will be 28 families who will receive gifts for every member of the family.  These families experienced extraordinary hardship this year and their morning on Christmas day will be a little brighter thanks to the many angels and supporters of this initiative.

 Nova Vita

Nova Vita Domestic Violence Preventions Services is a 33 – bed emergency shelter for abused and homeless women and their children. At Nova Vita we provide our families with a safe, supportive and comfortable place to live while they transition through this difficult time.

Red Door Shelter

Since 1982, the Red Door has provided services for families and individuals who need safe and supportive emergency shelter. Many people can find themselves in desperate need. These include women who are fleeing violence at home, families who are evicted, refugees, or young mothers who may have nowhere to go.

Jacob Hespeler Child Care Centre

Jacob Hespeler Child Care Centres is a not-for-profit organization providing inclusive high quality child care services to children 16 months-12 years of age, and positive support to their families. We offer innovative and interactive learning opportunities that challenge and stimulate the children in a secure, respectful environment facilitated by qualified, nurturing professional staff. 

We have listed just some of the outpouring of goodness we were able to find links and information to share.  To the private events that have or will be taking place this year by family and friends for loved ones undergoing cancer treatment,  our hearts and positive thoughts are with you.

We wish all your fundraising efforts for 2015 great success.

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