Design Deconstructed | Platform Collection

June 12, 2016

Design Deconstructed | Platform Collection


The Laird's high table to the traveling minstrel, a raised Platform, also known as a "Dais" was noted as a place of substance, significance and often social intrigue. The indoor or outdoor rise was historically part of the floor and then elevated a step higher than the surrounding grounds emulating a degree of attention.  This architectural detail is still experienced in theaters, galleries, lecture halls, sanctuaries, as well as our homes. 


In keeping with historical details the design is crafted in layers, building in height from the floor up, taking its cue from the original architectural influence. Ease of moving a piece once in the home was a major factor considered in the design process, so the integral pieces lend to the success of that function. The concrete piece although appears to be solid  has an open void underneath, reducing the weight, without sacrificing the boldness.


With the use of concrete, wood and steel each piece embodies unique texture, warmth, and a bold presence for indoors and outdoors living spaces.  The collection compliments decor styles from minimalist to contemporary and has wide selection of pieces from hallway console tables, coffee tables, accent tables and entertainment consoles that can be made to any custom size.