served on a pallet

September 18, 2012

The definition for pallet according to is "a small, low, portable platform, on which goods are placed for storage or moving as in a warehouse or vehicle".
One never knows when this information will present itself useful during a social function, enlightening and entertaining with some impressive stats on the pallet's evolution and history in the industrial world, going back hundreds of years.  A broad perspective is always a good thing....  For a real history lesson visit, a great site that digs down deep into pallet history and what its future has in store as the world's needs change.
Steve and I have taken this industrial workhorse and domesticated it.  Application: moving dining items from inside to outside and back, for outdoor entertaining.  We've built a tray to reflect the same qualities as it's industrial design. Tough and efficient constructed using a tongue and groove joint to lock the bottom slats with the sides, maximizing the weight it can carry and of course large handles for a firm grip while in transport.  The pallet wood used for each tray is first cleaned, lightly sanded and then sealed with a clear stain to protect the wood . Each piece is unique, displaying an assortment of woods like red and white oak, maple, pine, walnut, poplar, and cherry.
The size of a tray is approx. 21.5"L x 15.5"W x 3.5"D
 If your interested in purchasing check for availability by clicking on studio50's "take a tour" tab.