drift away

January 09, 2013

There's something mysterious and admirable about driftwood. Maybe part of its allure is the waterside places that you find it - on a sandy shore or bobbing indifferently in the ripples.  It is strong and appears in all shapes and sizes, holding secrets of its journey and how long it has been in its watery dance. 

Spending a few hours walking up and down the shore, no matter what time of year it is to find some woody treasures is a favourite pass time.  What's not to love?  Hanging with my walking hearts, scouring the shore to find that unique piece that just happens to look like a foot, a duck head, a hand, or arranging several pieces together.  Peaceful time, soak in the sunset...complete.

Friends and family are aware of my weakness for driftwood. Often, after their vacations or weekends away, I am gifted with an armful of their thoughtfulness.  Big, "we were thinking of you", warm fuzzies.

I display a large collection of these silken textured gems around my home,...notes of one of my favourite muses of nature.

Hmmmm, I hear the voice of a search and retrieve trip with a winter picnic and hot chocolate calling....