old fashion pinning

January 14, 2013

A central spot on our main floor is highlighted by one of my largest pin boards - a 4 foot x 4 foot cork square of inspiration. Yes, I have more than one. Our home has several scattered about, with drawings, photos, and more design sketches. The daily additions, from sayings, magazine pics and design sketches, to pieces of fabric, keep the boards evolving and shaping our ideas.

I have a Pinterest account that I love, and use daily, but there is still something about having all the ideas real and in my face, that keeps me motivated. I like to think of it as a visualization of my brain in pictures. Interesting...

They're Simple to build. Use a piece of plywood, cut to size. Glue on your cork, which you can find at art supply stores like Michaels or Homedepot. Even the Dollar Stores have cork squares. Attach the board to the wall by screwing through the cork and board and securing to the drywall and hopefully, if your board is large, a stud.

I even have resident "guest" pinners contributing to the boards. These are my keepsake pins. Their changing styles remind me visually, how quickly time ticks by.