three heads are better than one

February 06, 2013

A little dash of theatrical flare is what is needed at this time of year to add a little drama to a space.  I find February truly is the month of the blahs.  So I'm working on lots of projects to keep me distracted from the cold until March  and hopefully some signs of spring peek around the corner.

Here are 3 new greeters, a.k.a. "The Ladies", adding some sophistication and a little bit of the unexpected to our front hallway.

Acquired during that Sunday kid's room declutter day, these got a little transformation.  Plain foam heads bought from Value Village for $2.99, were given a decoupage facial and voila.  I used some brown coloured napkins that were bought in excess (they are a great kraft paper colour), but next time I would use old sewing patterns, which would give a softer finish.

A fun vignette to stack the summer hats on, that I'm so eager to start wearing again. 

Hats on.. to functional and fun.