March 19, 2013

 It was a family fun outing on the weekend with chainsaw and cold winds in tow.

The tales this Maple tree would be able to tell.  Urban sprawl is the reason this tree and several others have been cleared to make way for the future widening of a highway.  Thankfully, the gracious property owners allowed us to obtain a section of it's history. 

Distance from the road and the outdoor surrounding space definitely played a part in making this piece first appear smaller than it's 5 feet circumference. Hmmm, how shall we load this...

We had to put our backs and every other body part into hoisting it into the back of the truck, but this was worth the effort.

What does the future hold for this piece of maple?
A conversation table.  The base will be a simple steel 3 leg design which will allow the top to display it's natural beauty.

For the next month or so it will be drying out and then the fun will continue with the leveling, sanding and moving of the wooden beast.