see the burn, the studio50 burn

September 10, 2013

We're pretty excited about our new tool.  You saw a hint of it in yesterday's post!
The Brander...custom made with our studio50 logo on it.  Doesn't get any cooler than that.  Actually it's pretty darn hot!
Testing the heat on different species of wood.  Cherry, Ash and Walnut.
So nothing wood, leather, plastic, or any other brand able surface is safe.  Porsha our lovable pooch even goes into hiding when the waft of the metal lights up. Discrete placement, very awesome outcome.
We are so pleased with it. Now I just need to find my old riding chaps and cowboy hat and I'm ready to hit the wood range. Ya maybe not, I'll stick to my slouchy toque and grubby jeans.
Spalted Maple Cutting Board. 2"thick x 17"L x 9"W - $85.oo
Now that we are all logo'd up watch for an online store opening soon.