studio slice | nov.17/13

November 17, 2013

It's Sunday evening and another week is winding down...Until tomorrow.  What gorgeous warm weather we have enjoyed this weekend. Someone must love us and know how much I really really HATE working in the cold. The week started off with lots of casting. Everyone is slowly shifting into Christmas shopping mode and it's exciting to see our rock bottom vessels on top of many wish lists! 24 new casts have been done this week and 18 of them are off to intrigue someone this holiday season.   grey with bronze, brown, blue and a touch of green   The concrete theme continued on Tuesday with the pouring of the foundation's curb.  After the first 3 attempts, Steve and I sorted out our system and it went pretty smooth.  So, note to anyone, when your holding the chute and the other person is dumping the concrete from the wheel-barrel, you have the power to say "when". Wednesday was a fun day for Steve cause he got to play on a little Kubota tractor and start back filling the foundation.  Little back hoe, means little arm, so on Thursday we brought in the good old wheel-barrel to back fill by hand.  I knew I should have learned how to do the controls on Wednesday!...alas I got to wield the mighty barrel. We also got our delivery of wood for framing.   DSC_9731-001   DSC_9740   DSC_9739   Friday we got to shift gears and we both got to play in the saw dust.  Steve started framing the walls and I was designing and making handle boards in the studio. I also got to break out my wood burning tools for a custom order that involved a very awesome family crest.  Steve and I have both decided that we want one of those...   DSC_9752   DSC_9741   DSC_9747   Saturday was another fun filled day! Lots of organizing and cleaning in the studio and on the property in preparation for our Christmas at the studio, open house.  If you are planning on coming out for a visit please make sure to click and register to help us keep track of the numbers so we will have plenty of holiday cheer to go around. Are you ready? And then, the walls were raised!!! Wow, what a totally satisfying and scary process.  We had some extra muscle come in for this party.  Thanks to Steve's dad, sister and his camera ready mom! For our evening entertainment last night Steve sat down with a cup of coffee and zoomed in on everyone's lifting faces.  It seems I'm a smiley lifter... Wall one... DSC_9802   Wall two... DSC_9863   Wall three..   DSC_9900   Wall four... DSC_9919   Sunday was Steve's 1/2 speed day so him and his dad chilled out a bit and just put up four huge super heavy, I couldn't watch, beams...   DSC_9920   DSC_9923   Hopefully the weather holds out for a few more days until we get that roof on. Till the next slice. cheers kim and steve