makers workshop 12/13/2013 | make it last

December 14, 2013

Friday December the 13th was the studio's last makers workshop for 2013. 8 vibrant, fun and creative makers met up at the studio to craft a unique handle board or block board with their very own sweat, love, and vision. For many of the makers the intent for the end piece was to gift to someone on their holiday list. The studio is still waiting for the arrival of our new air cleaner which is on back-order.  So the makers got to look very mysterious with their dust masks on for the sanding portion of the evening.   sanding   After all the power sanding the group moved on to hand sanding the boards and shaping, by adding handles using either one or all of the following tools :the router, the drill press, the jig saw and the band saw.   hand sanding routering   After much sanding, sanding and sanding, the makers headed in for refreshments, some tasty savories and sweets from the evening's tasters menu and some lovely entertainment.   Collages   DSC_0109   The finale was fabulous as the makers buttered their boards and watched the magic transformation happen in front of them.   handle boards buttered   DSC_0125   Steve and I would like to thank all our makers who have come out and experienced studio50's makers workshops.  We had an amazing 2013, and know that 2014 will be even better!