wood you be mine

February 14, 2014

Customization is all about creating and building a design that will perfectly compliment its space.  Our clients loved our coffee beam table, but needed a more compact version to fit in their room.  We reduced it in size from three to two beams, and the table and the living space have become a perfect match! DSC_0036-2 Two 180 year old hand hewn beams were used for the top measuring 20" wide x 4 feet long.  The underside of the beams were notched out to fit the custom steel frame to cradle the beams to a height of 18". Perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying some quality time with glass of wine and some nice mellow tunes.... DSC_0051 DSC_0055 Some things just get better with age and this handsome piece will be loved for a very, very long time. DSC_0030-2 For more information on having a pieced designed for you email us at kim@studio50.ca, or write us comment. Happy Valentines Day! Cheers kim and steve