Baum Light

April 30, 2014

baum light
Inspired by the moon cresting above the trees and illuminating the crisp night sky, our latest sculptural piece, the baum light, embodies our fascination with merging the natural world with everyday function.  
Constructed of 3 solid walnut pieces, the baum light is fastened with mortise and tenon joinery. The raw pendant light, from the color cord company, is freely adjustable for variable hanging lengths and is nestled in a routered trench with a securing wooden wedge.  It comes with a 15 ft. cord and is covered in a gray cloth and a gray metal socket cover.
DSC_0023 DSC_0016baum light detailDSC_0007
Total height : 83", total depth: 36", floor foot print is 20"
From May 4th to May 30th the baum light will be on display at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover along with other Studio50 pieces and artists affiliated with the Brant Studio Tour.