Thursday Night Makers Makin'

May 15, 2014

We met Aliki, a fellow artist from the Brant area, along with her husband during a "by chance" visited to our studio.  We got to enjoy her company again along with a great group of friends last Thursday evening when they came out for a workshop they booked to design and make some custom handle boards! thursday group sanding
The group had their sanding done in record time! Steve showed everyone the system and template we use to router the inset handles into the boards and then each maker successfully tried their hand at it. thursday routering
The studio's complementary tasters menu was a surprise to this group, but after all that sanding and routering energy needed to be restored with some seasonal and local goodness.  Asparagus soup, fresh baguettes with cheese from our local cheese shop a swiss in paris, our favourite vegan peanut butter ripple fudge, and fresh from the oven spiced apple crisp. Be sure to check out our pinterest page for the recipes from the tasters menus! The Asparagus soup with saffron infused croutons is delicious! food thursday night
It never gets old to watch the makers butter their boards and see the transformation of the wood. We hope your beautiful boards will add to your summer entertaining enjoyment! thursday night boards