The Budd Family Workshop

May 15, 2014

On Saturday morning the studio was alive with the very vibrant and lovely Budd family. It was the first morning workshop at the studio and we loved it! The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, and the belt sanders were humming. 
more sanding  
It was pretty awesome to watch this family in action.  Lots of laughs, encouragement, and sanding.  Some experienced more sanding time than others (Andrew and Kirsty).  It seems everywhere you were in the studio, we caught you sanding. But boy, you two can run a mean hand sander now!
Steve shared the inside scoop with the makers on our routering system, showed them the template for the inset handles, and they all applied the new knowledge to their boards.   sanding sanding more sanding 2  
The family of makers completed the whole workshop... buttering their boards and all,  before sitting down outside to enjoy the tasters menu and reflect on their woodworking adventure.   buttering boards  
You can find many of the recipes we use for our tasters menu on our studio50 pinterest page. food  
Steve and I want to thank you for letting Studio50 be part of your family memory making!   DSC_1276