Handle Board Workshop | May 16

May 22, 2014

This past Friday we had a great time with this daring bunch! They wanted to try every technique on their boards so they could experience all the machines. Steve and I found out that more than 1/2 of them didn't originally know what they were in for.  One of their lovely and clever friends thought this would be a great night out and signed them all up without telling them the details of the evening!  What a fun surprise!  (Made even more fun by the fact that they were so eager to jump right in and get dirty!) After choosing and flattening their boards, everyone sanded, first using the belt sander and then moving onto our new studio sanders, Festool orbital sanders! sanding may 16
Then they routered handles into their boards, used the drill press, and experimented with the band saw. routering may 16  
The tasters menu was enjoyed after all the boards were completed and buttered.  It was wonderful to sit and chat with everyone and hear about their life adventures from the past and what they have waiting for them!   DSC_1297
These two lovely makers had another event to attend, so they finished their boards and headed out to enjoy the rest of their evening. DSC_1300  
The rest of the makers stayed and visited with us. This is the best part of the workshop experience for us. It's been such an amazing adventure meeting so many interesting and genuine individuals and we are so looking forward to all the friends to come.   may 16 boards   DSC_1312