Trencher Workshop

June 02, 2014

Friday was our last trencher workshop scheduled for the year.  The makers from this group were a fun bunch who were eager to make gorgeous entertaining pieces for the warm weather ahead! If your asking yourself, "What exactly is a trencher?" you are not alone! 

Trenchers are small wooden plates whose origins date back to the medieval times. I discovered them while reading a time travel romance novel...You just never know where you will obtain inspiring design ideas ;). may 3oth sanding   drill press may 30th   may 30th drawing up   may 30th workin together   may 30th buttering
It was the first spring evening that was nice enough for our makers to take their trenchers filled with goodies to relax in our outside dining space. food may 30th
We had so much fun with our makers and hope everyone enjoys their new tableware and the memories they created while crafting them!

DSC_1548Experience it. Love it. Use it.