Custom Hallway Tables

August 15, 2014

A little while back Steve and I met a lovely couple in the studio who brought out some "heirloom" wood they had been given.  Each child from the family got a slab of this magnificent piece of cotton wood, deemed the largest one in Waterloo Region.  Pretty cool, right?!   DSC_1857 DSC_1860 DSC_1866
Their slab had cracked into two pieces so naturally, they were looking to have 2 tables designed for their home. (Definitely wouldn't want to waste a piece of that wood!). With Porsha in hand and dawn on the horizon, we set out for our design inspiration walk. The main challenge was working with and repairing some severe cracks within the wood to create designs that would withstand the test of time.  After lots of hand planing, sanding, and Steve's magic, we were able to construct two gorgeous pieces that we truly love. With the largest piece of the slab we designed a versatile, modern flavoured leg that allows the piece to be used as a desk, hallway table/sofa table, or even a bar table for the kitchen.  I must admit I am totally coveting this piece.  It would look great in our kitchen at the end of the island...When we want to keep all the works for our home because we love them so much, that is how we know we are doing it true to our Studio50 style!   DSC_0006   DSC_0009 DSC_0016  
The smaller piece of wood was fit with custom designed legs crafted from beautiful, rugged rebar that we have sealed to preserve the natural patine of the steel.   console table-rebar legs DSC_0023
The journey to bring these heirloom hunks of chainsawed slabs to these new heirloom tables was a wonderful experience for us!  What a great story behind these pieces that our clients will get to share in their new home.  Enjoy! If you are interested to commissioning a custom piece, send us an email to or call 226-208-1428.