Studio50 New Warehaus Location

February 08, 2015


Space, yes more SPACE!!!  We're ecstatic to share with you our new off-site Studio50 location of 3500 square feet!  This news is worthy of dancing around the shop, but we can't cause it's more like a mosh pit in here at the moment...only vertical movements.  In the upcoming weeks we will be moving our concrete casting and metal work there, as well as gaining lots of STORAGE!!!  Yes you heard us right and we still think we're dreaming but its true. What does this really mean?  Well, we will get our house back for one.  Our kitchen will no longer be the holding room for all the curing rock bottom concrete bases.  The home shop will be set-up with all the wood working machinery which will mean that down the road we will resume our maker's workshops which we know many of you are eager to experience.  And that makes us very happy.  Our Studio50 Design Haus will stay where it is in it's tranquil little spot at the back of our property so we can continue to offer flexible hours and a unique experience for those who come to visit us. In the meantime, we must all be patient as Peter, the new owner of the building and owner of 3 Brothers Classic Land Rovers adds small details, like improved lighting and efficient heating to our space.