Design Deconstructed | Konkret Knife Block

November 10, 2016

Design Deconstructed | Konkret Knife Block


The knife block is a quintessential piece that lives on the counter top of most kitchens. Usually its function outweighs its form… a utilitarian object that accompanies knife sets. You have to imagine that manufacturers use them merely to sell knife sets.

The concept of the Konkret Knife Block was borne from wanting an intriguing, functional piece and (truth be told) the Highlanders from the Outlander novels. A time when there was such an interesting marriage of the raw and the civil… a block to keep ye dirks in!


Our aim was to create a design that was free form and allowed a varying array of knifes, scissors, long or short, to be placed at each person’s own discretion. There are 2 elements at play: the concrete block and within, bamboo sticks… 1800 of them!

The block can stand upright if placed on an open counter with no upper cabinets. And for uppers, the metal frame helps tilt the block at an ergonomic angle.


The Konkret Knife Block is not limited to the number of blades that it can house (we have had up to 17). As you add more knifes, simply take a few of the bamboo sticks out to accommodate the additional blade. The inside depth is 10" which accommodates bread knives, cleavers, and most other knife sizes - all except for long carving knives.

Keeping it clean is simple. The concrete block is sealed with a food grade sealer and can be wiped cleaned with soap and water and the bamboo sticks can be washed and laid out on a towel to dry.