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Abacus Single Drop Concrete Earrings

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Mindfulness looks good on you.

Abacus Single Drop Earrings

- Hand-cast, sealed concrete beads,fitted with 316 surgical stainless steel french hooks.
- Perfect for individuals who are sensitive to other metals.
- Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
- Over time the concrete beads will develop a patina unique to each wearer.

Invented thousands of years ago, the abacus was used as a simple yet effective tool for counting and balancing.

Taking a nod to this historical artifact with its unique design the Abacus collection allows you to spin and slide the concrete beads treating you to a mindful moment to balance and focus yourself throughout the day. Each piece combines stainless steel and hand-cast concrete beads creating a tactile talisman to your inner balance.

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Minimal, elegant, unique, strong. Wear it.

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