Concrete Berg Vase

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This textured grey concrete vase is the perfect waterproof vessel for stylish arrangements of flowers, arching branches, and other natural elements. Its unique geometric shape and five sides make it a distinctive addition to anywhere in your home, coffee-table, hallway, kitchen island. The concrete may develop unique non-structural map cracking as an addition to our signature texturing. 

The season's best artful arrangements can be created with this vase highlighting a wide stable base.

Add a touch of sophistication and originality to any décor space.

Available in 2 sizes.  

Little Berg Vase

a 250ml encased glass waterproof vessel
Concrete Vase dimensions -6.5"H x 6"W x6"D
weight ~ 5.5lbs

The Berg Vase

a 1000ml encased glass waterproof vessel
Concrete Vase dimensions- 9"H x 8"W x8"D
weight ~ 12.5 lbs

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