Outdoor Platform Collection

Frequently Asked Questions


Our mix is glass fiber reinforced with a light-weight recycled expanded glass aggregate (made in Ontario btw), this reduces the weight by about 45%. The concrete top is actually hollow inside - which allows the frame to nest inside.

Config 1 is about 30 pounds

Config 2 is about 65 pounds

Config 3 is about 76 pounds

Config 4 is about 99 pounds

Config 5 is about 140 pounds

The concrete is fine in all of our seasons, from our cold wet/snowy winters to our hot humid summers!

Yes! It is sealed with a breathable reactive penetrating sealer.

The frames are made from 1/2" x 1/2" hollow Stainless Steeltube. We cut and tig-weld each part for each frame per order.

Stainless steel is extremely rust resistant - however if a blemish starts to develop, it can be buffed out with stainless steel wool or a grey-scotch bright pad.