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A design in both physical presence and social awareness, this timepiece commemorates the beautiful life of our pets. Beginning with a finely-detailed hardwood clock face, up to twelve individual concrete segments can be added to it. A discrete pocket in the back of each segment securely encases a keepsake from your pet — a portion of their ashes, a name tag, or tuft of fur.

The Asche Clock – designed to be an everyday tribute to the special bond and time shared with your beloved pet.

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ASCHE CLOCK | Time Well Remembered


A pet is a best friend, a confidant, a special part of the family. They share and enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Then, one day, they are gone. Coming to terms with the loss of a beloved companion is a very personal journey. One that we experience in the Spring of 2016 when our beautiful dog Porsha passed away. The collection was borne form a need to design a ritual to commemorate her life, in a way that would always be part of our home, no matter where home happens to be. Elegant in its form, purposeful in its nature, the Ashe Clock allows us to celebrate the lives we have lost and keep memories of them close.




ASCHE CLOCK | Thoughtfully Made...




The special bond and time shared with our pets is embraced through a clock -a simple, daily tribute to irreplaceable moments. Throughout history a timepiece has held great personal significance as well as a symbol of heritage and home.

The Asche Clock combines the beauty of a finely detailed, 24" diameter, hardwood clock with hand-cast concrete segments that discreetly encase a keepsake from your pet in the pocket located in the back - some ashes, a tuft of fur, or name tag. Each segment represents an hour on the clock and are held securely in place by 96 concealed rare-earth magnets. Each segment includes the instructions and materials to encase, and a pen to record personal thoughts on the back. The clock comes with a mounting template, the wall hardware, a high torque quartz movement and installation instructions. Every aspect has been made carefully and thoughtfully to ensure your Asche Clock can be lovingly owned and displayed.

Time Well Remembered






In the coming days we are working on the final videos for installing the clock movement, hanging your clock, and the video for guiding you on how to encase a momento in the back of a segment.