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How to Wrap Your Rock Bottom Vessel

Our rock bottom vessels come with a recycled leather handle wrap.  But what do you do if the handle gets dirty, or if leather just doesn't fit with your entertaining mood??  Well, the great thing about these vessels is their versatility. The leather is easy to remove for cleaning, and can be easily re-applied or switched out by following these simple steps. I've attached photos for every step, so it should be very easy to follow.  Here's how to wrap a rock bottom vessel.

(Don't mind the cuts and scrapes on these working-woman hands!  They're rarely photo ready these days...  I'm just glad I remembered to scrape the concrete dyes out from under my fingernails, lol.)

After everything has been washed up, it's time to re-apply the leather handle.  To do so, start from the top of the bottle neck and work your way down the handle, wrapping tightly on each turn.  You will notice that one end is tapered.  That is the "tucking" end, so start your wrap with the widest part at the top.

At the bottom, the tapered end should look like this.  Now it's time to tuck.  We use this awesome stainless steel tucker to secure our leather, and is available for purchase in our shop.

After this winter we've had, it doesn't seem possible that the warm weather is on its way any time soon, but when spring and summer do decide to make an appearance, you may feel like lightening up the look of your rock bottom vessel.  I will show you two variations that we use, but really, the options are limitless with all the different, beautiful fabrics out there!  The first wrap alternative shown is some beautiful burlap I found at a fabric store.  Cut about a one inch wide strip with a tapered end and wrap the same way as we do with leather, making sure to keep it tight as your make your turns.


Another summer option is jute twine.  This wrapping technique is just a little bit different, but just as simple.

If you leave your ends long enough, you can tie your knot and leave the ends dangling or tie them in a bow.  For parties, if you're feeling creative, you could even put a tag on the string to identify the contents.   If you want a cleaner finish, continue with the instructions below.

Once you've cut the ends of your twine, grab your tucker and push it up under the wrap to hide the ends.

Enjoy!  And be sure to share photos of  your unique handle wrap creations with us on our facebook page!