Aroma Haüs

  • This architecturally influenced aroma diffuser pairs our eco-formulated concrete and a walnut “chimney” accent with a water resistant finish. The simple lines with their Nordic appeal can be enjoyed indoors or out. The reversible design rests on any flat surface. The raised “fireplace” holds a regular tea light that warms the heat resistant science-lab test tube. Let nature’s scents infuse well-being into your living space by adding a few drops of essential oils to the crushed stones or 1/2 fill the glass chimney with water and natural botanicals.

    Includes concrete haus with walnut chimney, 1 soy tea light, 38mm test tube and 1/4 cup of crushed stones.

  • Length 19 cm
    Width 9 cm
    Height 32 cm
    Weight 2.5 kg

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