Elementary Circle Stud Earrings - 12mm

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Elementary Circle Stud Earrings - 10mm circle Grey textured concrete and minimal design make these light-weight earrings unique and everyday wearable. The 316 surgical stainless steel is durable and very comfortable for sensitive ears. Each pair is hand-cast with its own unique look, so you can be sure that no one else will have the exact pair as you.  Available in 10mm circles and square, and 12mm circles.

Over time the concrete will develop a patina unique to each wearer.

Minimal, elegant, unique, strong. Wear it.


Weight of a pair ~ less than a dime (2 grams)
Grey Texture is unquie to each set

Very comfortable to wear.   The post and body are 316 surgical stainless steel which is perfect for individuals who are sensitive to other metals.

Wear & Care instructions