Reed Diffuser - Patchouli Sweetgrass

Our reed diffusers are a simple yet highly effective way to add scent to your home or workspace. Each 100ml bottle is hand poured from a custom blend of oils. The 10 inch long natural reeds absorb the oil and draw it out of the bottle, releasing it slowly into the room. The amber bottle keeps the oil lasting longer, protecting it from light. A diffuser can last 6-8 months. Flip reeds 1-2 weeks or when the fragrance becomes less noticable. Naturally harvested rattan reeds absorb the scented oil, releasing it slowly to your surroundings.

You can also add this oil to a warming plate or terracotta hanger as an optional way to scent your home.

Clean up immediately, as the oils could cause damage to some surfaces. Do not consume or apply to skin.