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Design Deconstructed | Rock Bottom Vessel

March 30, 2016 2 min read

Design Deconstructed | Rock Bottom Vessel


A fascination for science and a growing collection of science glass, parents who always pointed out that the sidewalk was the coldest thing to sit on outside during our cold Canadian months and an engineer husband with a curious obsession with concrete all become factors that contributed to the Rock Bottom Evolution. The final piece that created the urge to play was after an evening of sidewalk chalk drawing with our 2 children in 2011 and lounging out on the warm sun soaked concrete.  Reflection on the wise tales, the engineering principles of concrete's thermal mass properties and embracing the unexpected presences of science glass in our everyday, the Rock Bottom Collection was created.


Durable for everyday use by ages 6+. The borosilicate glass and the concrete base allows for serving hot and cold liquids of all kinds, fostering a usable piece that is highly functional while engaging its user and their curiosity. The concept challenges our default thinking towards the materials and their function and opens up our sense of possibility while harmoniously incorporating engineering, science and art  together in the design.


Round Bottom Boiling Flask and Concrete Base require each other, both for stability and for function.

Glass is a round bottom boiling flask (aka Florence Flask) made of science grade borosilicate glass. There are several sizes to the collection. The Rock Bottom Tasse is 250ml, Rock Bottom Vessel is 1000ml/1L and the newest addition is the Rock Bottom Vessel 2.0, a 2000ml/2L flask.

Leather is wrapped around the neck of the flask for grip and for thermal protection when pouring hot contents.  It is wrapped and tucked for easy removal and can be cleaned and rewrapped. The leather can go into the oven for heating with the flask and concrete base but will need some coconut oil applied to stay supple if frequent heating is done.

The concrete mix formulated for the Rock Bottom Base is 25% greener due to the use of expanded recycled glass as an eco replacement for a portion of the aggregate in the custom blend.

The cork feet have been fixed using an industrial adhesive that can withstand both the flex of cold and heat.

Cork topper comes from the oak cork trees in Portugal which is a sustainable source and is dipped in traditional hot bees wax for sealing.


A multi-functional piece to be enjoyed throughout your everyday.


Experience it. Love it. Use it.

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