Holiday Sangria

December 01, 2022 2 min read

Holiday Sangria

decanter pouring red wine sangria in a cup

Sangria. Its got a history.

We dug around on the internet and found some interesting things about this wine concoction.  After all the researching we rummaged around in the fridge, found a bottle of red in the cupboard and created an easy recipe for you to whip up and enjoy this holiday in your Rock Bottom decanter...cause it looks so darn good in the round bottom flask!

All right, first things first. Here are some fun to read posts with all the ins and outs of Sangria.

The History of Sangria

6 Questions About Sangria You Are too Embarrassed to Ask

The 7 Best Wines For Sangria

Not in the reading mood ? ....  No problem we've got 3 of the most intriguing bits of info we think are perfect for dinner conversation point-formed for you.

- A form of sangria was happening with the early Greeks and Romans who mixed their wine with sugar, spices, and served it cold or warm. They called it “hippocras,” also said they added the wine to water to help make the bacteria-filled water safe to drink and taste better.

-Sangria is Spanish for "blood"  and refers to the drinks traditional use of red wine

- the modern day craze of Sangria in North America dates back to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City, when Spain's tent featured the drink.



Holiday Sangria Recipe

1 Bottle of Red Wine

1 strong cup of Chai Tea chilled (we used Tazo Chai)

1 cup of Cherry & Pomegranate Juice ( Kiju can be found at most grocery stores)

1/2 cup Grand Marnier

1 orange cut into discs

1 cup of frozen pitted cherries

5 star anise

 Pour all the ingredients into a Rock Bottom 2.0, swirl and let all the flavours meld together for 20 mins.

Make sure to chill the concrete base in the freezer to keep the Sangria nice and chilled.



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