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  • Helpful Videos

    Wrapping Leather on your Rock Bottom

    Follow along with the video to learn how to wrap the leather around the neck of your flask.

    Slicing & Dicing Citrus Fruit (and getting them out)

    Learn how we recommend to cut citrus fruit for your citrus infused beverages.

    How to heat the concrete Base?

    To heat the concrete, with the flask in the base, add boiling water in the flask and let temper for about 5-10 minutes. Good ole method tried and true.

    Using a microwave is not recommended. There maybe traces of metal from the aggregate, plus there is no moisture in the concrete and this method doesn’t work to get the base hot.

    Is boiling water safe to pour into the flask?

    Yes! The flasks are certified science lab glass and are specifically made to handle extreme heat…think Bunsen burner and boiling potions. Start brewing up that tea!

    How to chill the concrete base?

    To chill the base put into the freezer for 4 hours or longer. You can totally let the base live in the freezer so it’s always cold and ready for you. Another cooling option is to put the base and the flask in the fridge. We do this for infused water and milk. If you live in a place that gets cold, embrace the chill during holiday entertaining time - space in the freezer and fridge is at a premium, so put the base outside on your porch or in your car to cool off before the party.

    Help my flask is stuck in the base, how do I get them unstuck?

    Sometimes the flask settles into a comfy spot on the base ;) So here’s the trick
    Put one hand on the base to hold it down and the other on the neck of the flask (use a tea towel just to be extra cautious) Tug up on the glass (like your pulling a nail out with a hammer) and push down on the base at the same time. Don’t be gentle... really... the glass is super tough. Give it a really good strong tug.
    DON’T soak it in water. That will just create a stronger suction between the glass and the concrete.

    Let us know how you make out!

    How to re-wrap your leather?

    The leather has been designed to be removeable so you can easily wash your flask. To wrap the leather back on so it looks as good as the day you got it, take the non-tapered end and start wrapping it from the top of the flask neck down. Using a bamboo skewer or a nail file tuck the tapered end under so it stays nice and tight to the glass. Watch the first video above on how to re-wrap your leather.