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skidsaw table design

October 20, 2012 2 min read

Things have been busy here at the studio with fall workshops with kids in the community...pics will be coming soon to give you a blast of creative inspiration. It's great to experience what a little freedom of expression can bring out in anyone! It's been eager positive energy for us to take back to the studio and apply to our designs.

The skidsaw table evolved from cleaning up jig saw puzzle pieces, and then trying to sort random cuts of wood in the shop... Made mostly from an assortment of woods from pallets/skids, with a few flooring and upcycled odds of furniture cut offs, comes the name skidsaw table top.


Each piece of wood was routered with a slot and then bisket jointed together several times depending on the length of the wood. The outer circumference of the wood top was also routered and the steel "L" pieces fitted into the slot and then welded together to ensure optimal strength. The design of welded steel legs and base are simple and open, complimenting the intricate work of the wood. The steel was left raw and waxed for a rugged industrial feel.

There was a space left that will be fitted with a custom cast piece of concrete...a few different hues are in the works so they can be interchanged to offer up a little variety...the spice of life...we like that.

The wood was hand sanded to ensure that the character of the wood was not stripped and then sealed with mf woodmate protective clear coating. The wood top was left at varying thickness giving a lot of depth, but there is still lots of level surface area for placement of cups, and other bits.  


The skidsaw table can be made to any size..this one as already been sold, but another puzzling design is in process.

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