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june makers workshops

May 02, 2013 2 min read

The great weather is here! Time is just flying by with sunny days, gathering wood and playing in the studio.

June workshops are already filling up.  So if any catch your eye make sure to reserve your spot!

Our studio has been set up to accommodate 8 makers per workshop.  The workspace was designed to offer plenty of working space, ample opportunity for collaborating and one on one assistance if needed.  Plus, I like quaint.

The first workshop on June 6th is the Vintage inspired water-level, depth gauge growth chart, or it can be a unique  marine-oriented piece that can be added to your outdoor space or bathroom.

The wood used for this workshop is century old salvaged pine that are all unique in character and offer a great weathered surface to make it very "water worn" authentic. 
 I chose to use black and white for the paint wash,  but makers can pick from a selection that we have available in the studio if you wish to change it up. Something nautical like red and white perhaps?

On this board I started at 2 feet and left the 1 out, but you can do it anyway you would like.  I just raised it 12" from the floor to make the height accurate.

The second workshop on June 13th is the Vintage Wooden Cutting Boards.  This workshop is a popular and filled up quickly in May so we are offering it again for June and is again filling up quickly. 

Makers pick from a selection of domestic hardwood like cherry, ash, maple and walnut and design their own authentic vintage cutting board. They also make wonderful serving platters for sandwiches, veggies or chocolates!

The last workshop in June is on the 20th and is the Loft Clock.

The salvaged wooden  spool pieces are all  unique in style and size.  There are 24", 30" and 36" face fronts available in limited quantities and will be based on a first come first book bases.

Transfers can be done on the clock face with graphics and the numbers can be designed in varying sizes depending on the makers preference.

The clock movement is a High Torque movement and hands come in sizes to accommodate the varying clock diameters.

The loft clock in this picture has a 30" diameter.

The diameter of this loft clock is 24".  The clock featured in the picture below is also 24".

Baby showers, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries coming up this summer! Come and make something while enjoying an evening out and give a handcrafted gift made by you! Nothing is more authentic and beautiful than that.

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