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board? yes we have lots

June 14, 2013 2 min read

As I was having my coffee after all the makers left for the night from the cutting board workshop I was really struck by the magic that occurs during those few hours.

Magic of discovery, creating, satisfaction and pure joy in accomplishing something for the simple pleasure of making and for the appreciation of the process at hand.  Often I hear adults say they are not creative or artistic, but who or what really defines that?...I believe we all are in one way or another, we just need to allow ourselves to be.

Last night once again proved that even though the makers spark might be a bit repressed before walking through the studio doors for the first time, by the end of the evening the flames are lit and burning bright in the faces of each of the empowered makers.

The uncertainty for new makers attending their first workshop and how they will achieve and complete their project  flees once they immerse themselves in the doing and not worrying about the "right way or the wrong way".
We do however promote and uphold the safe way, always :)
This permission to just make and enjoy the experience...this is the magic for the maker transition.

As the workshops have progressed over the months and studio friends have come back for another visit with us, the anticipation for the rush of creative joy is evident.  We are so thrilled to provide a place to nurture and collaborate with individuals on their journey.

The studio is very excited to offer a wider range of options to our makers when selecting wood for their cutting boards.  In future workshops there will be different categories in sizes and prices to choose from.  Prices for a workshop will range from $40-$60.  Additional options will be available like adding wooden feet to your board, giving your piece a very global edge.

The studio has also started carrying beeswax 1/4lb blocks for our makers to purchase for re-seasoning their boards.

As always it was a wonderful visit last night and I am so proud of all your efforts and mind set for your projects.  Ideas were shared, beautiful rich boards were made,  as well as lots of wood dust.  And no makers workshop would be complete without a little bit of sweet and savory.

Vegan Mango Mousse

Smoked salmon crepe torte, with grilled pineapple, tomatoe and avocado herb salad

-Andrew Wyeth

Large live edge Walnut Board

Medium cherry board

Large live edge walnut board

2" thick large spalted maple board

Large live edge walnut board

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