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Measuring time

June 10, 2013 2 min read

Growing up we lived on a farm and in one of the bedrooms on the closet door frame were coloured lines with dates and names of  my 2 siblings and me, documenting how much we've grown and who surpassed who in what given year. Sadly we moved from the farm in my late teens and the door jam stayed behind.

 I'm so happy for the makers who came out to design a rustic and portable growth chart for their families.  The vintage design was based off the old water level depth gauge stick used in the European water ways to track the water levels rising and falling.  The style lends to a neutral look that complements any gender or decor.  A great idea to gift to a young family member or friend who can cherish it as a keep sake through generations.

We actually started the workshop off with the eating :) which was fresh lettuce Thai and rice wraps, accompanied with 2 cold soups and of course dessert. 

Then they got to work.

The makers selected their board from a collection of century old pieces.  Colours where choosen, measurements made and then painting commenced.  A wash paint was used to allow the wood texture and hues to still show through.

Drafting oil board stencils were available in various sizes, the makers placed and secured then and then sprayed on with Plutonium professional grade aerosol paint.  Gives one a new appreciation for graffiti artists.

Once again the makers completed projects are fantastic and I look forward to pictures of them in their homes.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”
- Albert Einstein

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