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  • May | Sunday Sharing...

    May 13, 2024 2 min read

    May | Sunday Sharing...

    "The smell of lilacs in the early morning make me want to go out and get in some delicious kind of trouble." - Marybeth Bonfiglio

    When I read this quote I laughed, cause my first thought of delicious trouble was having an extra cup of morning coffee!

    But...the lilacs have just started blooming here, so you just never know...

    I learned the secrets to enjoy my snipped lilacs and other cut flower bouquets as long as possible with a deep dive into this lovely book -Florets Farm's Cut Flowers .

    So many tips on getting the most out of your blooms and there are beautiful ideas for seasonal arrangements as well.

    Vase Life Tricks for Lilacs

    1. pick flowers during the cool morning or evening and set in a cool bucket of water and transfer to a cool space

    2. remove many or all of the leaves

    3.use heavy clippers to recut stem ends and slice up the stem about 3" to help the bloom rehydrate


    You know...It's not just  flowers that need to stay hydrated!

    I've started a new morning ritual of preparing a flask of infused water to enjoy throughout the day.

    It really has made a difference in how I feel by the evening...less wilted :)

    Keep it simple - just add some slices of lemon.

    Road Trip!

    Now that we're all hydrated and flower inspired, there's a beautiful nursery that is a must visit in Waterdown - Northland Nursery.

    I take a road trip here with my parents usually twice during the summer, cause we can't fit all the plants we want in the car in just one trip!

    It's a family run business and all the plants are priced the same and so well.

    I'm expanding my Hellebore garden this summer, cause the early blooms just look so gorgeous in the Gaia Vase.

    Enjoy your Sunday and the month of May my dear.



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