studio slice | nov.1st/13

November 01, 2013

Can you believe it's already November! Our last week of October flew by. We broke out the sledge hammer in fine tradition and did a little demolition in the back to make way for the excavator. The old shed and part of the play fort had to be remodeled.... DSC_9582   DSC_9573   Then the lumberjacks arrived and awed us with their tree climbing and cutting skills.  Pretty crazy stuff!  We had a big walnut tree in our yard that had been struck by lightening, 3 years back.   Lots of dead on the top but luckily the base is still in fine form.  It's been hauled to a mill for cutting and will be ready in a few months.  All the smaller bits have been stacked...and man what a job that was.  It's given me a real appreciation for the ease and convenience of modern heat . DSC_9626   The "digger" is 3/4 of the way done.  B.D Nelson has done all our past excavating and is once again doing an excellent job. The rain has slowed things down a bit, but by this Monday the rest of the excavating will be completed and gravel brought in and graded for the forming.   DSC_9627   DSC_9634   We announced our winner for the tisch board on Wednesday and Congratulations goes to..... Stephanie MacDonald! Steve and I even managed to fit in a little date outing which consisted of "team building", taking apart wire spools with a socket wrench and vise grips.  Yes, we should have taken pictures because they would have been very entertaining...but I guess in the midst of wrestling with rusted muddy bolts it didn't happen.  We have some awesome pieces that will make some very urban and very large loft clocks. 50" of clock is a lot of time ticking beauty! Here's hoping for some dryer weather for next week.  Then we can pour and start some framing. Til next week cheers kim and steve