Rock Bottom Vessel 2.0 - Aurum Base

The Best Concrete Wine Decanter

Our amazing Rock Bottom Vessel in a 2000 mL flask size and the Aurum concrete base design. A textured almost white concrete base with sparse flecks of gold embedded around the rim. The round bottom flask is 2000mL and can fit 3 bottles of wine or a beautiful batch of infused water.

Comes with the base, flask, leather and cork topper.


Volume - 2000mL (nearly 3 750mL bottles fit)
Height - 12" (30cm)
Width - 8" (20cm)
Weight - 8 lbs

Check out Rock Bottom FAQs for lots more information!

Watch how you can learn to re-wrap your leather

Follow along with this video to learn how to wrap the leather on your Rock Bottom Flask.

Wonder how we pack your Rock Bottom Vessel?

We've worked hard to ensure that your decanter can safely be shipped anywhere in North America!

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