Diffusion Buckle Bracelet

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Diffusion Buckle Bracelet.  – Where modern minimalism embraces your style and your senses.  Hand-cast with a custom carbon black concrete, each piece features a unique texture set in a stainless steel frame and paired with a stainless steel buckle band. The bracelet has been designed and sealed to allow for use with your favourite essential oils to be dropped onto the concrete surface enriching its carbon tones and keeping the oils off your skin.  Light weight, durable, with an elegant simplicity the buckle bracelet is perfect for everyday wear and everyday self-care.

Depending on essential oil aroma can linger up to 7 days. Reapply the same one or change to another favourite.


Minimal, elegant, unique, strong. Wear it.


42mmx12mm Concrete
Stainless steel woven Buckle band 210mm x 8mm
sold individually
Very comfortable to wear. 

Wear & Care instructions