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functional art

March 11, 2013 2 min read

One of the first posts we did showed a collage of some of our favourite things and since then several people have requested that we feature a little more detail about some of the projects.

So here we go...featuring one of my many fetishes.
It's one of those things...I just can't seem to help myself when I see the scrumptious pictures and exotic ingredients.  Cookbooks...I LOVE THEM and many might contest that I have a slight obsession for them.
We all have a few faults,  but at least I use them...so that makes it ok-ish.

The only problem this little hobby presents is storage.  One solution we have built up is the wooden sliced door.  There was no going wrong when combining 2 loves of my life...Wood and Cookbooks.

To create a seamless, none obsessive look we built a door to mimic the look of stacked wood.  Since the house doesn't  have a wood burning fireplace this was a great solution to still get that rustic woodsy feel. Multi-purpose is a main focus in our design features so this is not just for show, it also functions as a desk surface when opened to boot. I love how it turned out an it gives the space a serene quality now.

First you see them!

Now you don't!

We lucked in and had friends who had a tree fall down on their property.  We drove the truck over and filled it up with beautiful varying sizes of willow stumps.  We then cut a piece of plywood that fit the dimensions of the shelf opening and then cut the willow wood into discs at different random depths.  Using an air nailer the discs were nailed onto the plywood from the back side and attached to the shelf opening using regular cabinet hinges that we found laying about, and 2 dampers on the sides to control the door when opening and to keep it at the needed angle.

Functional Art. The applications are endless...

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