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  • clocking in

    June 23, 2013 2 min read

    Thursday evening was sunny, warm, and perfect to open our double garage doors to the studio and let the fresh air in and have the makers who came for the loft clock workshop enjoy the lovely weather while creating their tellers of time. Plus it worked out great to set up stations of saw horses outside for all the spray painting.  Can't get better ventilation than that.

    Once again the makers proved true to the studio's motto that there is not just one way something can or should look.  No clones or cookie cutter pieces leaving from the makers workshops .

    Our goal is to allow makers to experience and explore the world of creating.  Sometimes that freedom of discovery is a little scary and a little frustrating but that's all part of the adventure...and that's why we have lots of beverages and an intriguing tasting menu to take you away for a few minutes for a break and then start with fresh eyes again...and then it will become clear to you...that something prefect and uniquely yours!

    For the loft clock's we offered lots of choices from size and type of number stencils to sizes of spools, custom transfers selected in advanced from the maker, spray paints, and wash paints.

    First stage was getting acquainted with the spool.  All the makers stopped off at the studio for a visit before the date of the workshop to pick out the clock face they wanted to work with.

    Then, it depended on the course of face lift the spool was taking. Some got straight to selecting the size and style of numbers.

    While others gave the face a wash with paint.

    After that stage was completed with the numbers secured the spray painting began.

    Then if transfers were being added placement and size on the face needed to be decided.

    This is the point when the NEW printer decided to be very temperamental...so all the makers enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice-cream with strawberries tossed in balsamic vinegar and fresh garden basil.  Fresh baked buttermilk tarragon bread graced the trenchers with rich ricotta spreads of lemon pepper and walnut rosemary drizzled with maple syrup.  To finish it off was a shot of cold cucumber and dill soup with savoury rosemary, cherry and almond biscotti.  That bought me some time to get the printer sorted to some degree. 

    2 clocks still need their transfers to complete them and will be added as soon as they are finished, but here are the others that are happily hanging in their makers homes.

    "When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable.
      But to grow up is to accept vulnerability...To be alive is to be vulnerable."   - Madeleine L'Engle

    Here is one of the 2 that just received it's transfers and a little bit of bling, thanks to an old reserve of horse nails...you just never know when the past will come in handy.

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