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walls of steel and sturdy legs

September 11, 2013 2 min read

Our little holiday break was filled with a variety of projects.  Several were for the studio and house requiring our attention. Wood has been accumulating around here at an astonishing rate and unfortunately I have an unlimited weakness for beautiful funky boards, slabs of trees , salvaged barn planks and of course my beloved pallets.  Wood takes up some serious space which we have in limited quantity, so we've been brainstorming the best way to organize and house it so it stays clean, dry and is located close to the studio, while still lookin nice. Solution... Hidden behind these walls of steel are racks and racks of wood, molds and steel that nobody can see.. YAH! Plus, we extended the roof feature over the outdoor cedar sofa so the lifeguard ( that would be me) stays comfortable and dry poolside while our mermaids enjoy swimming rain or shine. The roof was constructed with spruce and Suntuf clear corrugated Polycarbonate sheeting.  The walls were sheeted with galvanized steel from Vicwest. All sourced and purchased from our local Home Building Centre in Paris.
Besides our love affair with wood, anything shiny steel like, makes our heads turn and I have been itching to add some more galvanized bling somewhere and this was the perfect design answer. We also made a little design change to the island extension in the kitchen, allowing us to play around with some joinery ideas. Here is a picture of the old table,
Here is the sturdy leg revision with elevated surface height.
The galvanized steel top is fitted to the 150 year old barn rafters using a recessed tongue and grove joint. The wood was treated with linseed oil renewing its natural richness.
Tomorrow will be our first makers workshop since our little holiday break and I'm excited to have a studio full of visitors eager to create! The studio is almost cleaned up, the tasters menu is planned and there is a fresh load of beautiful pieces of wood waiting to be transformed into custom cutting boards and serving platters.

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