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Handle Board Workshop | May 23

May 29, 2014 1 min read

On May 23rd studio50 held our first pop-up handle board workshop and what a blast we had with this group of makers!
Eager to create unique and organic pieces, they opened themselves up to endless board possibilities. They started with sanding (and sanding).  There hasn't been a workshop yet where makers aren't surprised at how much work, time, and sweat is involved in prepping the wood to get a nice smooth finish. may 23 sanding
Lots of amazing ideas were executed and many of the designs used all the machines in the shop. Routers, drill press, band saw, jig saw and dremel.
organic board   routering may 23  
Great camaraderie and positive vibes happen during the workshops!  It's so rewarding for Steve, our girls, and me to see such a mix of folks coming out for the experience. Date nights, friends night out, blind dates, and personal growth nights are just a few of the reasons people have come together for our workshops.   working together may 23
Ahhh, buttering time for the boards.  We put some tunes on and the makers get to sit back and enjoy lathering up their boards and watching the gorgeous transformation of the rich wood take place. butter up may 23
After all the hard work and complete satisfaction of a board well made, a wonderful gathering of makers took to the tasters menu to complete their Studio50 experience.   may 23 food DSC_1358  
Thanks so much for coming out to Studio50 and visiting with us!

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