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In the Rock Bottom | April 2015

April 04, 2015 2 min read

Tea Float

It's April and time for a "what's in the Rock Bottom" post and I must admit this month I was at a bit of a loss for ideas.  One minute it was sunny and +10 and whipping up a nice cold lemonade seemed like a wonderful idea. The next minute it's snowing and windy outside and just plain depressing.  So we decided to blend something that will fill your cup with comfort and a hint of refreshing in anticipation for the hot weather that is just around the corner.

Happy childhood memories pop into my mind when I reminisce about root beer floats or ginger-ale floats with scoops of rich ice-cream that bob up to the top of the glass forming those candy like ice crystals. It never failed, mine always overflowed over the rim.

This warm tea version is rich with a wisp of herbal liquid goodness. Roobios Maple Honeybush Affogate is the recipe from the blog Food Loves Writing  that inspired this float.

For the tea we used 2 teabags of Vanilla Honeybush and 1 bag of Spice Dragon Red Chai, from Stash Tea and both are caffeine free.  Put all 3 bags in your Rock Bottom Vessel (tucking the tea labels into the leather wrapped around the neck of the flask). Then pour and fill the flask with boiling water. Let steep.

If you feel like gathering the ingredients for the ice-cream from the recipe and mix up a creamy batch go for it! If you have a lactose sensitivity coconut milk or any other alternative milk option will work.  The maple syrup prevents the ice-cream from freezing into an unscoopable block. Another option is picking up a nice tub of vanilla like we did.  

 Pour the hot tea over the ice-cream and watch with anticipation all that creamy froth. With a grater shred some chocolate onto the top. (All those easter eggs will work perfect for this!). In our Rock Bottom Tasse we warmed up some Maple Syrup by placing the flask with the leather left on the neck and concrete base into the 200ºF pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, remove carefully and drizzle some on top.

We will be experimenting with other teas to see if they are as delicious as this blend.  Fabulous to offer up as an unexpected yet enticing dessert.

Experience it. Love it. Use it.


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