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Designed For Your Senses | Smell

January 27, 2023 1 min read

Designed For Your Senses | Smell

Diffusion Buckle Bracelet.  – Where modern minimalism embraces your style and your senses.  


Freshly baked bread,  lavendar, the lake at the cottage or the smell of a spring rainfall. Our memory can reconnect a specific scent to an experience, time or place. This is known as the Proust Effect. A phenomenon that links smells to our long term memory as a mental diorama. (like a 3D screen shot in our memory with details of a specific moment.)

Notation - Curious to read more... Why do Smells Trigger Memories


lavender field and essential oil drops onto diffusion buckle bracelet

hour glass, sand dripping


Happy smell memories from our early childhood are linked to boosting our mood, confidence and well-being.

Notation - Curious to read more ... Fragant Flashbacks


sheer curtain and hand with bracelet pulling it back


Our Diffusion Buckle bracelet has been designed and sealed to allow for use with your favourite essential oils to be dropped onto the concrete surface enriching its carbon tones and keeping the oils off your skin.

Notation - Diffusion Buckle Bracelet. Designed for your senses.


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