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studio slice | Oct.25th/13

October 25, 2013 3 min read

We are thrilled to announce that our studio50 design HAUS drawings have been approved! Now the gears will shift from neutral to full speed to beat the snow for this build. Initiate : Plan of attack.
  • Remove old shed and other items in the back of the property to clear the area for the excavator.  We will be able to share pictures of a good sized hole by our next slice post and possibly some forms for the foundation.  When Steve starts a project, he is laser focused and driven.
  • Go shopping for some thermal underwear so we both don't freeze our behinds off...and make sure I am well stocked in coffee.
  • We are thrilled to apply or green vision with this build by using recycled forms and other materials that we were able to source before they were shipped off to the landfill site.
WIN THIS | tisch contest is still open to enter! Join our facebook page and your name will be added to the draw. Rest assured that our girls have concluded that no computer can fairly draw a name.  So this weekend we will be manually entering all your names up to 3 times if you have 1, joined our facebook page, 2. liked the post and 3. shared it !. There's nothing better than a good old fashion name in the bucket draw.


  It's kind of funny because Steve and I were reminiscing about our past big building projects.  There seems to be a pattern appearing... When we have big life changing events occur, we build something big.  Maybe it"s our subconscious way of commemorating it? After getting married we bought our first home on 50 Ball st.  Gutted it, found our pet pooch "porsha" now a wise age of 14, and then received happy news that we were expecting our first baby! So in celebration we broke out the sledge hammers knocked out some walls and added on a kitchen and bathroom to the first floor. Isn't that what everyone does when they get this kind of news? building journery of studio50   Now proud parents with a second on the way,  we craved more living space.  So with more sweat and tears ( I blame it on the prego hormones) we added on a second addition by removing our roof, building up and over and adding on our much loved garage.  FUN FUN times. building journery of studio501   Our second little girl was born and in celebration we built our outdoor living space, complimented by a big salt water hole to the back yard.  We did not dig the hole ourselves...just in case you were wondering...the girls tried but said all the pit-run was too hard to shovel through. building journery of studio502   Now we have decided to become full time entrepreneurs.  What better way to celebrate this life changing event!  LOL Building the studio50 design HAUS. This post took more time than it should have, but I got lost down memory lane. Really, it was time well spent, because it showed both of us how far we have come over the years.  15 if we're counting.  How much we have built physically and have grown as individuals and together.  The pictures speak how designing, building and the whole experience has molded us as studio50. Till next week. cheers kim and steve

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